Debut: Peekaboo Daisy

Debut: Peekaboo Daisy

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The way these pieces shine could put those Georgia stars to shame. Just kidding - nobody said that. But these will make a great addition to any summer wardrobe - because really, you can't go wrong with teal and gold. 

Shining shades of turquoise and gold accented with an iridescent shimmer that is nearly impossible to capture on camera, the Peekaboo Daisy is a playful and retro shape, measuring 1.75" tall and 1.25" wide. 

Earrings are made of jewelry-grade polymer clay - you won't believe how lightweight they are! Earrings posts are titanium, which is friendly to sensitive ears.

To maintain the quality of your earrings, try to avoid contact with oils, perfumes, creams, makeup, and water.