Lover: Deco Fan
Lover: Deco Fan

Lover: Deco Fan

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Get decked out for your cruel summer in the glimmer and sparkle and the dazzling haze of the Lover Collection. These magical sunset tones will have you saying I don’t want to look at anything else now that I saw you.

Can you tell that I like shiny things? Channel your inner Lover and let these pastel beauties shimmer in the light. The Deco Fans have gotten a makeover, now topped with a sweet heart stud, measuring 2" total length.

Earrings are made of jewelry-grade polymer clay - you won't believe how lightweight they are! Earrings posts are titanium, which is friendly to sensitive ears.

To maintain the quality of your earrings, try to avoid contact with oils, perfumes, creams, makeup, and water.