Midnights: Tall Teardrop
Midnights: Tall Teardrop

Midnights: Tall Teardrop

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You can make the whole place shimmer with the Eras Collection: Midnights series. Whether you're in the mood to channel your inner vigilante or just want to stay in the dreamscape of your lavender haze, you'll be headed to the penthouse in these earrings.

Soft shades of lavender and periwinkle accented with an iridescent shimmer that is nearly impossible to capture on camera, the Tall Teardrop is just under 1.5" long and .5" wide at its widest point. Dare I say, better than sapphire tears?

Earrings are made of jewelry-grade polymer clay - you won't believe how lightweight they are! Earrings posts are titanium, which is friendly to sensitive ears.

To maintain the quality of your earrings, try to avoid contact with oils, perfumes, creams, makeup, and water.