evermore: The Lookout

evermore: The Lookout

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It's official - I used my best colors for this collection, inspired by the evermore coat and the mossy piano. evermore and folklore are the albums that sparked my love of Taylor Swift, so this is a special one for me. I'm hoping these earrings will leave you speechless. Either that or saying "from you I'd buy anything." Just kidding. Buy whatever you want. 

The Lookout is such a playful stack! Four individual shapes come together to create a cohesive piece boasting soft curves and elegant points. The Lookout measures 3.5" tall and .8" wide.

Earrings are made of jewelry-grade polymer clay - you won't believe how lightweight they are! Earrings posts are titanium, which is friendly to sensitive ears.

To maintain the quality of your earrings, try to avoid contact with oils, perfumes, creams, makeup, and water.